The Canadian Revolution is a group for dedicated Canadians much like yourself, who are committed to making positive changes in this country.  We understand the immediate need for action.  We understand that there is no more opportunity to be complacent, complicit or hopeless.  We have made the decision to take action against our criminal government, who has led us to believe we are divided and powerless against their corruption.  Together, we are the force that stands up against their tyranny.  Our Demands are clear - All government officials, elected and selected, including the Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, Privy Council, Senators, Premiers, Liutenant Governors and the Governor General Will Immediately Step Down - We WILL NOT STAND DOWN UNTIL THEY DO.  A full and exhaustive independent investigation into systemic corruption will be conducted, and appropriate measures taken to correct the problem.  The Canadian People have the CHOICE - we vote on what form our government will take, if and how constitutional reform will take place, and vote to elect new representatives and table new legislation.  Where compromise cannot be reached, vote to establish geographic areas which vote in similar fashion to each have their own legal jurisdictions - ensuring an appropriate and proper place for all.

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*Stop by the War Memorial on Wellington and say hello to the patriots occupying Ottawa  

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The Canadian Revolution is a Nation-Wide event, aimed at putting legislative power back into the hands of Canadians through a Complete Overhaul of Parliament and Systemic Reform.  We demand that ALL politicians and government officials step down immediately.

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