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A Leaderless Resistance

For those who are unaware, thousands of Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill on July 1st to be heard.

The Canadian Revolution is here to demand the Prime Minister of Canada, and all elected and selected officials, who are guilty of crimes and treason against the Canadian people, step down. 

We are here to take a peaceful stand against the unlawful governance of The Canadian People.

We are exercising our rights on this sacred land with dedication and honour for all, with respect for those who have fallen in defense of our freedoms before us.

The people not only have the right, but also the duty to stand and correct this unlawful government. 

We are empowering the Canadian people with the truth that will protect us from the injustices and trespasses that are transpiring.  The choice belongs to Canadians.

We stand for freedom - and we will no longer be complacent as our rights and liberties are infringed upon.


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The Canadian Revolution is a Nation-Wide event, aimed at putting legislative power back into the hands of Canadians through a Complete Overhaul of Parliament and Systemic Reform.  We demand that ALL politicians and government officials step down immediately.

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