Charges against the Government as a Whole

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

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Purposely let COVID-19 into Canada DESPITE Having Already Received Military Intelligence, Warning of the SPECIFIC DANGERS [1] - Receives Donations from Chinese Billionaires [2] - Helped the CCP and WHO Cover Up Fraudulent Findings [3] - Ignored CSIS' Unprecedented Public Disclosure Convicting CCP Foreign Agents of Seizing Positions of Influence as Members of Parliament and Compromising Our Electoral Systems[4] - Ignored CSIS' Warnings of Foreign Interference in Canadian Politics [5] - Shut Down Parliament [6] - Trying to Seize UNLIMITED SELECTIVE TAXATION POWER [7] - Has already sold out future generations to Debt-Slavery Through 100's of Billions in Spending [8] - Crashed our economy, allowing our forcibly-shut businesses to be bought-out at Undervalued Prices [9] - Has Seized Unlimited Spending Power [10] - Supports riots which target businesses, police and citizens but not the rich political elite [11] - Arrests Mothers in parks and peaceful protesters in their homes [12] - Closed family courts causing untold numbers of parental child abduction, alienation and abuse [13] - Failed our elderly community -=completely=- causing thousands of unnecessary deaths [14] - Revoked almost every single one of our charter rights and freedoms [15] - Outlawed almost all firearms, and is coming to collect [16] - Has ordered 37 million needles for forced injection [17] - Complete media control, censorship and propaganda - also online [18] - Funds, organizes and manipulates demonstrations on both sides of the political spectrum, effectively silencing genuinely concerned citizens, subverting our democracy and neutralizing our right to protest [19] - Sponsoring convicted terrorists with millions in tax-payer dollars [20] - Selling our defense satellites and manufacturing facilities to the CCP [21] - Allowing insecure Huawei 5G networks to be installed nation-wide [22] - Convicted Guilty in SNC-Lavalin Scandal [23] - Wilson-Raybould was pressured as attorney general to overturn the decision to prosecute SNC-Lavalin. [24] - Jane Philpott resigns from cabinet as controversy over political interference in criminal case intensifies [25] - Neglected 2 Canadian Citizens Held Captive in CCP-Controlled China [26] - Passed Legislation Allowing Foreign Chinese Security Forces To Be Stationed On Canadian Soil. [See Photo] - Amended Bill C-6 To Allow Those Convicted of Terrorism, Treason and Espionage, Dual Citizenship and Re-Entry To Canada [27] - Gave $41 Million of Taxpayer's Money as Foreign Aid to The Chinese Communist Party [28] - Handed $42 Billion In Construction Projects to China At The Expense Of Canadians [29] - FIPA [30] - Debt-Bondage [31] - Lockdowns More Harmful Than Virus [32] - Abuse of The Homeless [33] - Openly Bragged about Admiring China's Basic Dictatorship Above All Other Countries in The World, because "It's allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime" [34] - Parliament as a Whole is Responsible for Perpetual Systemic Corruption at ALL levels. [XX] - FORCED HOUSE-ARREST OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION - CAUSED COMPLETE AND UTTER SOCIAL UPHEAVAL - EUGENICS IN CANADA - THERE'S NO ROOM FOR NEUTRALITY, IT'S TIME FOR -=EVERYONE=- TO RISE AND TAKE A STAND! - - - - - - - - -[14] [1] [2]…/chinese-fundraiser-trudeau-statue-1.38… [3]…/article-trudeau-defends-…/ [4] [5]…/the-threat-is-real-top-secret-comm… [6]…/canadian-parliament-shuts-until…/ [7]…/justin-trudeau-coronavirus-support…/ [8] [9]…/coronavirus-canada-economy-recessi…/ [10]…/justin-trudeau-coronavirus-support…/ [11]…/justin-trudeau-takes-a-knee-b… [12]…/made-me-feel-like-i-had-killed-som… [13]…/covid-19-court-decision-children-acces… [14]…/01494ad4-947f-11ea-87a3-22……/np-view-the-covid-19-crisis-has-… [15]… [16]…/firearm-reclassification-after-ban-ano… [17]…/canada-orders-37m-syringes-to-be-… [18]…/disinformation-political-spin-online-e……/big-media-influencing-canad… [19] [20]…/trudeau-…/article35623594/ [21]…/us-rebuk…/article35294914/ [22]…/Concerns_over_Chinese_involvemen… [23]…/…/snc-lavalin-guilty-trudeau.html……/snc-lavalin-trial-corruption-bribery-1……/snc-lavalin-trading-court-libya-charge… [24]… [25]…/philpott-resignation-trudeau-snc-laval… [26]…/article-two-canadians-j…/… [27]…/citizenship-act-amendments-senate-thur… [28]… [29]…/……/justin-trudeau-kinder-morgan-… [30] [31]… [32]…/dr-phil-slammed-for-sayi…/ [33]…/maybe-theyre-finally-getting-…/… [34]

10's of Billions paid for a TransCanada pipeline, The 30 Millions plus, he gave to Omar Kadar and 2 others, The bill he passed or tried to passed during the Covid, to build 30 oil rigs in the Ocean East of NFLD including some in Maritime protected areas while claiming he supported climate change. The 590 millions he gave to the "approved" medias. The 88 millions spent on advertising for Covid. The 7.1 Billions to ONU for abortions in Africa. The millions given to the WHO, Gavi, a Wuhan lab. The 2.7 billions he gave in order to get a seat at the UN. Stephen Harper taking over a government which had posted ten straight surpluses and immediately setting the table for defecit: -exposing the Canadian population to bad debt (zero down 40 year mortgages) -giving money to rich corporations (6% corporate tax cut) -bad trade deals (China can opt out any time with no penalty but if Canada wants to opt out it costs us millions) -selling crown assets for peanuts

(CANDU sold to SNC Lavalin for $15 million when its estimated value was $265 million) -sold The Wheat Board to Saudis while there was an offer on the table from Canadians -ensuring that wealthy people got welfare (no income cut off for $100 per child per month plus tax credits for sports and transit passes) -slapped working people in the face by changing the OAS age to 67. -slapped Veterans in the face by stealing $1.1 billion to balance his budget. -got found guilty of election fraud multiple times only government to ever be found in contempt of parliament All while oil averaged $85 per barrel over 9 years. (SNC Lavelin and why Trudeau protects them - 3 links not working, will be updated shortly) When will he follow the cancel culture for his racist past? 1.8 billion paid to msm media over the last 4 yrs? Increased domestic and child abuse due to lockdowns, quarantine and isolation. Increased Mental-Health Risks, resulting in unnecessary suffering and deaths. Missing Billions upon Billions $$,$$$,$$$,$$$ Involvement in International coups d'etat - If we missed anything, let us know! - Enter your own charges HERE! ->

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The Canadian Revolution is a Nation-Wide event, aimed at putting legislative power back into the hands of Canadians through a Complete Overhaul of Parliament and Systemic Reform.  We demand that ALL politicians and government officials step down immediately.

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