Step 4:  Exercise our Right to Self-Determination, Voting on and Convening a Government of The People, by The People, and for The People, Under an organizational convention of their choosing, for the Nation, each Province, and our several local communities  -(Referendum Initiated by the Citizens)

Vote for Legislation, Projects and Government Policies that We, The People of Canada, demand!  Make elected representatives responsible ONLY for carrying out the Will of The People.  Put real power Back into the hands of ALL Canadians!  Economic Jurisdictions to ensure 'everyone' has a place of their own, without encroaching the rights of our neighbours.  Constitutional Direct Democracy ensures EVERYONE is represented fairly, and that NO legislation contravenes its respective constitutional articles.  Fair Voter Representation, Absolute Transparency and Immediate Accountability are all facilitated through a True Democracy.


The Canadian Revolution is a Nation-Wide event, aimed at putting legislative power back into the hands of Canadians through a Complete Overhaul of Parliament and Systemic Reform.  We demand that ALL politicians and government officials step down immediately.

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